Test Management with Xray

Test Management with Xray

Get a hands-on look at Jira Software and Xray in the context of agile software test management.


This course, developed by Nimbe Evolution, gives participants a hands-on look at using Jira Software tools and Xray in the context of managing agile software tests.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the features of the Xray app
  • Manage software testing using Jira Software and Xray

Content Outline

  • Introduction to Test Management
  • Importance of test management in the software development cycle
  • Benefits of using tools like Jira Software and Xray
  • Overview Jira Software
  • Introduction to Xray
  • Installing Xray
  • Configuring Xray in Jira Software
  • Creating test plans
  • Creating test cases
    • Defining acceptance criteria for test cases
    • Structuring test cases and linking with requirements
    • Using parameters and test data
  • Creating test cycles
  • Creating test runs
  • Running and tracking tests
    • Running Test Cases in Xray
    • Tracking defects and associating them with test cases
    • Analyzing results and generating test reports
  • Reports and metrics
    • Generating Test Reports in Xray
    • Analysis of quality metrics and test progress
  • Best practices and advanced tips
    • Best practices for organizing and managing tests
    • Advanced tips for maximizing the use of Xray
  • Practical exercises and case studies
    • Realization of practical exercises to reinforce the concepts learned
    • Analysis of real Xray use case studies in Jira

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