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Atlassian is the leading company in the market for solutions for agile teams that seek to maintain focus on their core business by eliminating bottlenecks, streamlining their processes and delivering more value faster and faster.
At Nimble Evolution we support our clients throughout their Agile and DevOps journey with over 20 years of specialized Atlassian consulting experience.

Agile journey 

With Jira, your team can focus on the work that really matters and provide better visibility into the work in progress.


With Bitbucket you can quickly plan your DevOps cycle through the Toolchain. Integrate your planning, building, testing, and deployment tools. Automate your pipeline and monitor the speed of your deliveries.

Identify success goals and objectives, manage and prioritize ideas and user feedback through Jira Product Discovery boards and roadmaps.

Refine and manage the development backlog in Jira. With Confluence, keep all project documentation and decisions on a unified basis, integrated with Jira. Quickly resolve queries with stakeholders and keep the entire team aligned through Slack.

Manage code versions and changes with Bitbucket. Monitor CI/CD Pipelines from first commit to production delivery with Bitbucket Pipelines. Maintain traceability of changes with the integration between Jira and Bitbucket.

Ensure code quality visibility with apps like Snyk, Zephyr, or Xray integrated with Jira Software. Get immediate feedback on test results in Slack channels.

Manage Version Releases through Jira and automate deployment tasks with Bitbucket Pipelines

Manage user feedback, incidents, issues and knowledge bases with Jira Service Management and Confluence. With Opsgenie, you automatically create an emergency room (war room) to engage the team in resolving critical incidents. Track the health of your services with Statuspage

Incidents automatically created in Jira and directed to the responsible team with Opsgenie. Use Slack to notify the team of incidents as they occur.

Track SLAs, improvement suggestions, and customer satisfaction with Jira Service Management. With Slack, you can serve your customers directly.

Journey to 
Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud solutions for every team. With Cloud Atlassian tools, you can achieve the balance between autonomy and governance necessary for your company. See how we can support you [Learn more]

How Nimble can help at every step of your journey to Atlassian Cloud:


• Audit of the current scenario and comparison of options.

• Audit of applications, integrations, and resolution of migration conflicts.

• Definition of the strategy to be used: only one instance; hybrid migration; 100% cloud.

• Detailed migration plan.

•  Quotes, comparisons, and investment scenarios.


• Atlassian Cloud application migration and replacement assessments.

• Configuration of instances, users, etc.

• Integration with applications.

• Tests and performance evaluations.

• Training users and administrators on the various Atlassian tools.

• Pre-migration instance updates and server cleanup.


• Maintenance and correction of bugs and integrations.

• Configuration of workflows, wiki environments in Confluence and ITSM with Jira Service Management.

• Optimization of Atlassian Cloud performance.

• Optimized support plans.

• E-learning of Atlassian products.

• NE1 with continued training for agile teams.

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