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to enhance your team engagement and collaboration

Miro puts all the conversations about enterprise collaboration into practice. After all, working together is the future, and it’s already happening. The cloud-based tool can be utilized both for personal use and for teams of all sizes. It features a customizable whiteboard, allowing your collaborators to organize their tasks in a creative way, giving participants the chance to engage with the meeting content in a fun and engaging way.

Hold exciting, high-impact meetings

Create a simpler user interface experience for your attendees.

Guide your team to success with more engaging meetings and workshops.

Easily centralize communication.

Gather teams anytime, anywhere.

Explore the future of collaboration

More fun meetings and workshops

Make meetings and workshops more fun and productive by giving the team the possibility to collaborate at the same time.

Engaging brainstorming

Bring your distributed team together anywhere, anytime to develop innovative ideas as if you were in the same room.

Workflow with agile methodology

Scrum, Lean, Kanban, with Miro you leverage the agile methodology you use with retrospectives, sprint planning and collaborative boards.

Innovative strategy and planning

With the online whiteboard, the team can plan, coordinate and discuss projects to keep everyone on the same page.

Creating maps and diagrams

Need to explain more complex processes and systems? Create visual maps and diagrams and make communication easier.

Explore over 60 interactive models and structures
to start collaborating quickly!

Optimize time with ready-to-use templates.
From marketing planning to design sprint, we have a perfect template for your project.

Integrations to Supercharge the Miro Experience​

Much more than just a digital whiteboard, with Miro you visually centralize your tools and processes. Do you use Trello, Slack, Jira? The tool integrates with these and other solutions.

With Miro your strategic planning sessions, meetings and brainstorming will never be the same.

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