Thousands of teams around the world rely on tools such as Jira, Confluence, Trello and BitBucket, on a daily basis. The time has come to support those teams in a better way

Álvaro D’Alessandro, founder of Nimble Evolution


A growing number of companies rely on Atlassian solutions as a fundamental part of their operations

As a consequence and to ensure maximum return on investments made, companies expect high quality services, compatible with the robustness of the Atlassian tools.


However, with great power comes great responsibility and mastering the Atlassian suite is not an easy mission to accomplish.


Based on feedback from Atlassian heavy users, we had a vision for an unprecedented value proposition that combines the convenience of an internal staff with the effectiveness delivered by seasoned, certified professionals and the autonomy of a fully trained team.


We proudly present My Dedicated Atlassian Specialist (MYDAS®) approach:






Flexible and result-driven posture of work to optimize the our collaboration opportunities



Knowledge transfer to enable autonomy & sustainable growth



Effective interactions to solve problems and answer questions



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main differential of MYDAS®?

MYDAS® encompasses everything that a team, or – in scale – an organization needs in order to maximize the value generated by the Atlassian tools: assessment, consulting, training and support.

What is the minimum term for contracting MYDAS® What happens if I need a longer term?

The minimum term is 3 months. A MYDAS® can be renewed indefinitely in increments of 3, 6 or 12 months.

My company is considering moving to Cloud. Would the assessment efforts be included in a MYDAS engagement?


Got more questions? We’re here to answer!



MYDAS was conceived by our parent company OAT Solutions, a Brazilian company and Atlassian Platinum Partner, that since 2009 assists companies of all sizes and business segments transform their performance and continuously improve.


Now available to customers all over the globe through Nimble Evolution, MYDAS addresses 3 critical factors in order to unleash the full potential of teams and companies that rely on Atlassian: autonomy, convenience and effectiveness.