Skilled, certified, and seasoned professionals who enthusiastically work to exceed expectations are at your service.


We provide Atlassian licenses at cost-effective pricing through a centralized and secure process, which simplifies the relationship with Atlassian.


We perform consulting work for configuration, support and mentoring of all tools provided by Atlassian.


We work intensively on transferring knowledge about Atlassian products. In addition to offering in-company (“closed”) courses, we also hold open classes (according to the calendar) and offer customized training programs, which can be carried out in person or online.

“Thousands of teams around the world rely on tools such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, and Bitbucket, every day. The time has come to support those teams in a better way”

Álvaro D’Alessandro, founder of Nimble Evolution


MYDAS® combines the convenience of internal staff with the effectiveness delivered by seasoned, certified professionals and the autonomy of a fully trained team.


Flexible and results-driven approach posture of work to optimize our collaboration opportunities


Knowledge transfer to enable autonomy & sustainable growth


Effective interactions to solve problems and answer questions

Licensing cost optimization

Maximize value, minimize expenditure

Every MYDAS® is an Atlassian Certified
Professional, holding 2+ certifications,
experience as an instructor, and at least 3 years of experience in support and consulting.

Through MYDAS®, customers can
access four (4) training spots per
month, guaranteeing access to any
training included in the NE1 program

With MYDAS®, customers unlock the
benefits of unlimited Technical Support with an exclusive support portal and optimal response times.

Are you ready to move to cloud?

The future of Atlassian is in the cloud. Nimble Evolution is ready to assist you every step of the way: assessing your current status, planning for the cloud, migrating your current instances and projects, integrating 3rd party tools and configuring apps, roles, permissions, schemas, reports and anything in-between or beyond.

Assess & Plan

  • Assess current scenario
  • Evaluate options
  • Application auditing, integrations and migration conflict resolution
  • Definition of the strategy to be used: only one instance; hybrid migration; 100% cloud
  • Detailed migration plan
  • Investment scenarios

Prepare & Test

  • Atlassian Cloud Application Migration / Replacement Assessments
  • Configuring instances, users, etc
  • Integration with 3rd party apps
  • Tests and performance evaluations
  • Training of users and administrators in the various Atlassian tools
  • Pre-migration instance updates and server cleanup

Migrate & Launch

  • Maintenance, bug fixes and integrations
  • Configuration of workflows, wiki environments in Confluence and ITSM with Jira Service Management
  • Atlassian Cloud performance optimization
  • Optimized support plan
  • Training on Atlassian products (via e-learning and/or NE1 program)
  • Continuous improvement

Management and Collaboration

The only project management tool you need to plan and track work across every team.

Jira Service Management empowers teams with everything they need to get started quickly. JSM includes features for ITSM practices such as request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.


Give your team a place to create, collaborate, share, and get the information they need to get work done.

Code Development and Quality


Manage, review and share source code controlled by Git or Mercurial with as many repositories as you need (unlimited).


Continuous Integration, deployment and release management.


Meet some of the largest app development companies for Atlassian products


Discover Some of the Best Plugins for Atlassian Products


Nimble’s high degree of expertise in the solutions offered by Atlassian, added to the challenges presented by our customers, leads us to continuously improve the service levels we offer as part of the technical support that aims to guarantee the perfect operation of the tools, continuous improvement and training of the professionals involved with the operation/administration on a daily basis.
To meet the different needs of our customers, Nimble offers 3 Support Plans: Jade, Ruby and Diamond, with the following features:


  • Unlimited calls
  • Support by Phone, Email and Collaboration Applications
    (e.g., Skype, GoToMeeting, Stride, Hangout)
  • Access to Dedicated Portal
  • Customized Support SLAs
  • Consultancy Service Hours by month: 8 to 32 hours (adusted to the number of licenses)
  • Saved unused hours: Maximum equivalent to 3 months of the applicable tier
  • Bonus registrations in Nimble Evolution courses: Up to three slots per month for open classes focused on Atlassian products
  • Up to three free places to participate in all training offered by Nimble Evolution
  • E-Learning: All courses focused on Atlassian products
  • Free access to Nimble Evolution events
  • Free access to Nimble-sponsored external events: 1 bonus seat per contract


  • Unlimited calls
  • Support by Phone and Email
  • Access to Dedicated Portal
  • Support services SLAs
  • Consultancy Service Hours by month: 4 hours
  • Saved unused hours
  • Bonus enrollment in Nimble Evolution courses
  • 25% discount for participation in all training offered by Nimble Evolution
  • E-Learning: Using Jira
  • Free access to Nimble Evolution events
  • Free access to Nimble-sponsored external events


  • Up to 10 calls/month
  • Support by Email
  • Access to Dedicated Portal
  • Support Service SLAs
  • Consultancy hours included by month: 2 hours
  • Saved unused hours
  • Bonus registrations in Nimble Evolution courses
  • 25% discount for participation in open classes focused on Atlassian products.
  • E-Learning
  • Free access to Nimble Evolution events
  • Free access to Nimble-sponsored external events

Our team has executed so many successful migration projects by treating each customer uniquely, understanding specific requirements and handling any concerns along the way. We hope to have your organization onboard.

At Nimble Evolution, we do what no other Atlassian Solution Partner does

Agility For All Teams

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3373 W Vine St suite204
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