Discover How a Major Insurance Company Empowered Hundreds of Professionals in DevSecOps with Nimble Evolution

In this case study, we’ll explore the collaboration between Nimble Evolution and one of the leading insurance companies in Brazil. The company sought to enhance its product delivery approach by incorporating modern, agility-centered and security-focused practices like DevOps and DevSecOps. In response to this need, Nimble Evolution proposed and implemented a comprehensive DevSecOps training program for hundreds of the insurance company’s employees.

Challenge: The insurance company faced common challenges in the technology sector, including the need to increase product delivery efficiency, ensure the security of customer data, and promote a culture of collaboration and innovation. Additionally, there was a knowledge gap regarding agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps practices, which integrate product delivery, IT operations, and security.

Solution: Nimble Evolution developed a customized training program tailored to the specific needs of the insurance company. The 20-hour program, divided into 5 days, was delivered to multiple classes to accommodate hundreds of employees, ensuring an interactive and personalized learning experience with concepts and various group activities. The training covered a wide range of topics, incorporating the following key DevOps concepts:

Flow: Participants learned about the importance of optimizing workflow, reducing bottlenecks and delays in the product delivery lifecycle. This involved process automation, environment standardization, and waste elimination, aiming for continuous delivery of value to customers.

Feedback: The need to establish a fast and continuous feedback loop between product delivery, operations, and security teams was emphasized. This included implementing practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous monitoring, enabling early problem identification and rapid deviation correction.

Continuous Learning and Experimentation: Participants were encouraged to adopt a mindset of continuous learning and experimentation, constantly seeking improvements in processes and product delivery. This involved creating a culture that values experimentation, resilience, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

The training was included in the recommended training curriculum for all new employees joining the company, so everyone started with the same mindset of collaboration, agility, and continuous improvement.

Results: After completing the training program, the insurance company’s employees demonstrated a deep understanding of DevSecOps principles and practices, including the three DevOps paths and continuous experimentation. Additionally, the following results were observed:

Efficiency Improvement: The implementation of DevSecOps practices resulted in a significant improvement in product delivery efficiency, with shorter delivery cycles and higher final product quality.

Increased Security: The insurance company strengthened its cyber defenses by integrating security from the beginning of the product delivery process, resulting in a significant reduction in vulnerabilities and security risks, a distinctive feature of DevSecOps.

Collaboration Culture: The organizational culture of the insurance company underwent a positive transformation, with product delivery, operations, and security teams working more collaboratively and integratively, breaking down silos, as advocated by DevSecOps.

The culture of collaboration began during the training, where participants presented practices used in their teams that could be applied to others.

Conclusion: The case of implementing DevSecOps training in the insurance company illustrates the positive impact that a security-centered and collaborative approach, incorporating the three DevOps paths, can have across various sectors. The partnership between Nimble Evolution and the insurance company demonstrates the value of investing in talent development and adopting modern software engineering practices to drive innovation and security.

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