Mitre Charts an Agile Future with Jira and Support from Nimble Evolution

Discover how Mitre, a traditional construction and real estate company, uses Jira to streamline internal processes and enhance team synergy.

With over 50 years of history, Mitre is a traditional construction and real estate company that develops medium to high-standard projects in São Paulo.

The company has always achieved good results, but recently it accelerated its growth rate, reflected in a significant increase in the number of employees, from around 100 to 400 in less than two years.

The Challenge of Scaling a Transparent and Collaborative Work Environment

With a team four times larger and a rapidly expanding business, Mitre realized that it needed to better organize some essential processes to ensure work control and organization without creating silos or bureaucracy, which would be detrimental to the business.

Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business at Mitre, notes that real estate projects generally involve many stages, such as feasibility analysis, negotiation, project approval, registration, and need to involve different teams, such as commercial, legal, and financial.

In Mitre’s history, this flow always ran very well and naturally, with small teams of employees who had been working together for some time.

However, with the exponential growth they were experiencing, it was necessary to have a more robust support structure to ensure the high quality of teamwork.

“We needed technology that would allow us to scale collaborative work, with processes running better, with more quality, visibility, and speed.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

Gabriela took on the responsibility of finding a solution that would meet the challenges of ensuring high quality, efficiency of internal processes, and operations while maintaining the dynamism of routines.

After conducting a competitive analysis with various suppliers, it became clear that the proposal from Nimble Evolution, using Jira as the platform and focusing on the collaborative flow, could uniquely combine control and visibility, agility, and organization.


Jira + Nimble Evolution: A Tailored Solution for All Challenges

Gabriela mentions that initially, the Mitre team thought that a solution specialized in the real estate market would be the best option. However, the numerous possibilities of Jira, customized and adapted by Nimble Evolution, overcame any resistance that might have existed.

“Jira is a flexible tool that can be shaped according to your needs. For us, this is very important because Mitre is in constant change and evolution.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

The first step taken by Nimble Evolution was an immersion to learn more about Mitre and its work dynamics.

According to Gabriela, this was a differentiator for the Nimble Evolution team, which was genuinely concerned with understanding the needs of the business, the sector, and the teams to adapt Jira to Mitre’s specific flows and challenges.

“Our business is very particular. It was crucial to have Nimble available to understand what we needed and customize the solution for our work context, suggesting improvements and helping us make the most of the platform.” – Gabriela Canfora, Director of New Business.

The advantages of Jira were felt right from the start of its use.

Even during the implementation phase, Mitre realized that even with a well-defined flowchart, Jira pointed to new, even more interesting possibilities.

Thus, it was possible to make adjustments quickly during the process, creating different interface dynamics between areas and internal flows that made the construction company’s daily routine more efficient.

The various teams adopted Jira with ease, and today, the solution already manages all processes in the New Business, Products, Licensing, and Legal areas.

Besides the connection and fluidity between teams, Jira allowed for the consolidation of project information in one place, facilitating activity control and offering greater visibility of deadlines, bottlenecks, and tasks.

Today, it can be said that Mitre has managed to scale teamwork in these processes and run them with even more fluidity and visibility, unlike when the team was smaller.

Project by project, the company builds and consolidates a culture of scalable, efficient teamwork, ready to evolve continuously.

For future plans, the company aims to replicate the success of Jira’s use in other areas and expand the adoption of Atlassian solutions by implementing Confluence as a knowledge base and tool to further facilitate the expansion of the large team of talents.

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