Migration from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management – increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Discover how migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management boosted efficiency and slashed costs for one of Brazil’s largest conglomerates in transportation and logistics. With a strategic approach and specialized team, the seamless transition resulted not only in substantial savings but also in more agile and adaptable processes. Learn how this transformative change reshaped operational dynamics and bolstered the company’s competitive position in the market. Dive into the details of this journey of innovation and operational excellence now.

When it comes to choosing the right platform for service management, flexibility is key. Jira Service Management stands out by offering a host of significant advantages over ServiceNow, providing unparalleled flexibility to tailor to each client’s individual processes, whether for ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) or ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

In this context, the holding company of one of Brazil’s largest transportation and logistics groups migrated all its ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) and ESM (Enterprise Service Management) processes from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management. This transition not only boosted the group’s operational efficiency but also resulted in a substantial reduction in maintenance and support costs.

By opting for Jira Service Management, the group aimed to streamline its service management processes, gaining more flexibility and adaptability to meet the constantly evolving market demands. With a specialized team from Nimble Evolution leading the migration, the process was completed smoothly and within the set timeframe, an impressive 3 months only.

“The migration to Jira Service Management was a crucial strategic decision for our company. We are extremely pleased with the results achieved so far. Our users consistently provide feedback on the ease of use and modernity of JSM’s features. Not only have we simplified our internal processes, but we have also increased our responsiveness to customer demands, which is essential in our highly dynamic industry.”

Jira Service Management offers a highly customizable and scalable platform, enabling the group to quickly adapt to changes and expand its operations as needed. Additionally, seamless integration with other tools has fostered closer collaboration between teams, resulting in efficient communication and agile issue resolution.

During this migration journey, ITSM and ESM processes from over a dozen companies within the group were implemented in Jira Service Management, spanning from essential ITSM practices to specific services such as uniform requests, marketing campaigns, procurement requests, among others.

The tangible benefits of the migration were immediately evident, with a reduction in operational costs and a significant improvement in incident resolution speed. Furthermore, customer satisfaction substantially increased due to greater transparency and enhanced communication throughout the support process.

“By migrating to Jira Service Management, we have not only improved our internal processes but also strengthened our competitive position in the market. We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and operational excellence, making the most of the advanced capabilities offered by the Atlassian platform, and as next steps, we plan to include new group companies and areas in Jira Service Management.”

The migration process comprised the following steps:

  • Understanding the processes configured in ServiceNow with the focal points of each area;
  • Exploratory analysis of ServiceNow;
  • Design of the Jira Service Management solution;
  • Configuration of the Base processes and subsequent replication for each company, incorporating the characteristics and specific needs of each;
  • Configuration of standard indicators;
  • Integration with identity provider;
  • Validation;
  • Key user training;
  • Assisted operation.

Following the success of this strategic migration, Nimble Evolution continues to support the group in process improvement and the evolution of Atlassian product usage, ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and environment evolution through MYDAS, where we combine our years of experience as an official Atlassian partner with our expertise in process improvements.

For more information on how Jira Service Management can boost efficiency and reduce costs in your organization, contact us at info@nimbleevolution.com.

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