Maximizing User Adoption of the Corporate Helpdesk through a User-Friendly Experience - Migration from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management

Discover how one of the global leaders in asset management for institutional and individual investors achieved a significant increase in user adoption after migrating from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management. With the implementation of this new tool, the company eliminated ticket creation via phone and email, optimizing processes and improving customer service efficiency. This strategic change not only simplified workflows but also provided a more integrated and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

When the company began searching for tools to meet its needs, three requirements stood out as paramount. First, it was essential that the new solution provided an easily accessible and adoptable user experience. Ease of use was considered crucial to ensure that all employees could quickly adopt the new tool without difficulties, thereby promoting more efficient and widespread use of the platform.

Second, it was imperative that the environment had the necessary flexibility to support not only the company’s IT Service Management (ITSM) processes but also more complex approvals in specific cases. The tool’s customization capability was a decisive factor, as the company needed to ensure that the system could be adapted to meet various operational and governance needs.

Third, the system’s flexibility should allow the company to continue evolving and adjusting its internal processes without constantly relying on third parties for customizations that could compromise process evolutions. The choice of the right tool aimed not only to solve immediate challenges but also to ensure that its usability would enable employees to automate, expand, and evolve their processes easily and efficiently.

When it comes to a platform capable of meeting all the mentioned requirements, Jira Service Management stands out as an exemplary solution. The ease with which users can submit requests through the help portal is one of the main differentiators, providing an intuitive and hassle-free experience. Agents also benefit from the platform, as it simplifies the handling of requests, allowing for more efficient and agile demand management.

Additionally, administrators find in Jira Service Management an interface that facilitates workflow configuration changes and process automation. This is possible thanks to Atlassian’s philosophy of designing solutions aimed at offering an experience where no programming knowledge is required. The system works similarly to a set of Lego pieces, where administrators can fit the desired components to evolve and customize processes practically and intuitively.

This modular and user-friendly approach allows the contracting company to adapt the tool to its specific needs, ensuring that internal processes can be automated, expanded, and evolved without constantly relying on developers or external consultants, making Jira Service Management one of the few tools that meet the third requirement.

After selecting the tool, Nimble Evolution was designated to lead the implementation process. A team of specialists was mobilized to analyze, adapt, and integrate the company’s processes, applying market best practices. With their extensive experience, the consultants managed to migrate all knowledge bases, structure the help portal, and implement the complex change process in just three months. This efficiency ensured that within one quarter, the company already observed a significant change in organizational culture. Employees began using the new tool, replacing the direct submission of requests to agents via phone calls and emails.

"A few days after the migration, our agents observed a significant reduction in the number of requests received outside the help portal. This change resulted in a notable increase in agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Now, customers can track the status of their tickets in real time, improving transparency and efficiency in service. This real-time monitoring and interaction capability has been fundamental in raising customer confidence in our team and the established deadlines."

The migration process comprised the following steps:

  • Analysis and understanding of the client’s current structure on ServiceNow;

  • Identification of the main reported issues and reasons for customer non-adherence;

  • Development of the help portal solution on Jira Service Management and the company’s change process;

  • Configuration of the change process and its customized approvals;

  • Configuration of the incident and request processes to be used by the company;

  • Migration of knowledge bases;

  • Configuration of BI indicators;

  • Homologation with key clients, technical team members, and administrators;

  • Training of team leaders;

  • Go-live of the tool with technical support.

After the successful migration and change in company culture, Nimble Evolution continues to offer support through a help portal where clients can clarify doubts, request improvements, and enhance the use of Atlassian products. Additionally, we hold frequent meetings to inform clients about the latest developments in the Atlassian universe, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the best practices and technologies for their environment.

For more information on how Jira Service Management can help you encourage customer adoption and use of your processes, contact us at

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