Exploring Agility Trends: My Experience at the Agile International Conference

On May 2nd, I had the pleasure of attending an agility-focused event in Miami, proudly representing Nimble Evolution. As one of the exhibitors at the event, I witnessed a gathering of brilliant minds passionate about agility, both among the speakers and the participants.

The event, focused on agility, brought together highly qualified individuals who shared their experiences and insights on how agility can drive innovation and business success. Among the memorable talks, I highlight Rick Regueira’s inspiring keynote, exploring the intersection of innovation and inspiration.

One of the most striking presentations was by Marcelo Lopez and Arthur Zigman, renowned agilists with extensive experience, who addressed the crucial question: “Is transformation what the business really needs?” Their thought-provoking reflections encouraged a deep analysis of the true objectives behind agile transformation initiatives.

In addition to the engaging presentations, we had the opportunity to interact with various event participants at our booth. A particularly stimulating conversation was with Christopher Peacock, a speaker and CIO & Chief Architect at OmniHR. We discussed emerging agility trends and how to align them with specific business needs.

This event was much more than just a conference; it was a vibrant forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, and visions on the transformative role of agility in modern business. I am excited to bring the valuable insights and learnings I gained to Nimble Evolution, and eager to apply them in our projects and approaches to working with our clients.

Picture of Raphael Morrissy

Raphael Morrissy

Delivery Executive / Partnerships Specialist

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Exploring Agility Trends: My Experience at the Agile International Conference...

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