Jira Software Configuration

Jira Software Configuration


Jira Software is the industry standard for how software development teams track their work. 

The flexibility of Jira makes it the perfect choice so Teams can be free to choose how they work. However with great powers comes great responsibilities, so it is paramount to master the do’s and don’ts when it comes to reflecting the team’s processes into Jira.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts used in JIRA, as well as use the tool for creating, tracking and reporting work
  • Control/track changes in software development projects with JIRA
  • Understand how JIRA can be customized to meet the Organization’s specific needs

Content Outline

  • Intro to project management and work tracking with Jira
  • Key Concepts (issues, projects, components, versions, workflows)
  • Configuring workflows
  • Editing fields and screens
  • Introduction to Jira Software Administration
  • Reporting & Searching
  • Exchanging information between projects
  • Apps & extensions for Jira

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