Nimble achieves Atlassian Cloud Specialization

Nimble Evolution, renowned for its market agility and innovation, proudly announces its official elevation to Atlassian’s Cloud Specialized Partner status. This achievement underscores Nimble Evolution’s ability to deliver quality services consistently within the Atlassian ecosystem, aiming to optimize client satisfaction and outcomes.

São Paulo, Brazil – February 23, 2024. Nimble Evolution, a Brazilian company specializing in IT solutions and recognized for innovation and agility within the Atlassian partner ecosystem, proudly announces its attainment of Atlassian’s Cloud Specialized Partner status.

This specialization solidifies Nimble Evolution’s expertise in Atlassian cloud tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Trello. The company also demonstrates proficiency in implementing, migrating, and supporting these tools, ensuring customers receive consistent service.

To achieve the Atlassian Cloud Specialization, Nimble Evolution underwent an evaluation process by Atlassian, showcasing technical knowledge in cloud tools and experience in implementation, migration, and support.

“Atlassian congratulates Nimble Evolution on their specialized practice in cloud solutions, as they have a proven track record in migrating operations and supporting enterprise-level use cases on the Atlassian Cloud platform,” said Ko Mistry, Atlassian’s Global Channel Chief.

Comprehensive and Customized Solutions for Your Cloud Journey

As an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner, Nimble offers a portfolio of services to assist companies in their adoption journey of Atlassian cloud. With this new recognition, Nimble is poised to:

  • Assess clients’ needs and recommend tailored solutions.
  • Implement Atlassian cloud tools quickly and efficiently.
  • Migrate data from legacy systems to the Atlassian cloud.
  • Provide training and support to end-users.

About Nimble Evolution

Nimble Evolution, formerly known as OAT Solutions, was founded in 2004. It operates across various segments and offers clients:

  • IT consultancy: Needs analysis, strategic planning, and selection of suitable solutions.
  • Solution implementation: Installation, configuration, and customization of software, including Atlassian products.
  • Custom software development: Tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.
  • Technical support: Specialized technical assistance for software and IT solutions.

In 2023, the company underwent a rebranding, changing its name to Nimble Evolution. This change reflects the company’s constant evolution and commitment to offering increasingly agile and efficient solutions to its clients.