Created by Nimble Evolution, MYDAS® is here to empower your organization to achieve optimal outcomes with Atlassian solutions.

Atlassian is globally renowned for its revolutionary tech solutions like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, and Trello, which have become indispensable for streamlining processes. Therefore, maximizing the performance of each solution is crucial.

With frequent innovations and increasingly comprehensive solutions, Atlassian has experienced exponential growth compared to the rate of professional development. The market faces a shortage of experts, leaving companies that adopt these tools unable to fully leverage their potential.

As an integral part of the Atlassian ecosystem since 2009 and a Platinum Solution Partner, Nimble Evolution actively tracks the growth of the customer base and the challenges faced by the market.

Throughout this partnership, we have gained extensive experience in consulting, implementation, customization, and training across various Atlassian tools.

Our team holds certifications in key Atlassian tools and has a proven track record of helping companies from all sectors achieve their goals.

MYDAS® was developed based on our experience and interactions with clients who heavily rely on Atlassian solutions, understanding the market’s need for specialists.

MYDAS® goes beyond just support services, limited-time consultancy, or endless allocations.

Through MYDAS®, we bring together the best in four fundamental aspects for companies relying on Atlassian solutions:

  • Consultancy led by experienced and certified professionals.
  • Knowledge transfer to enhance client autonomy, including formal training.
  • Excellent support service.
  • Licensing Cost Optimization, upgrades, and renewals.

How does MYDAS® work?

Nimble Evolution takes care of your Atlassian environment by combining specialized consultancy, support, and training so that your teams can fully benefit from the Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and other tools. In MYDAS®, we provide a dedicated Atlassian expert from the Nimble team, committed to supporting the understanding of your needs, planning, executing, and validating the necessary activities to optimize your tools.

Explore each service included in MYDAS®:

  • Consultancy: MYDAS® includes a package of dedicated hours from the Nimble team for consultancy and support in utilizing the brand’s tools. We emphasize team focus to reduce dependency on a specific consultant.
  • Knowledge transfer: Through MYDAS®, your organization gains access to training slots per month, granting entry to all courses in the NE1 program. This means that besides mastering Atlassian solutions, MYDAS® clients have free access to courses in Business Agility, Scrum, Kanban, Management3.0, and OKRs, among others.
  • Excellent support service: With MYDAS®, your organization will benefit from Diamond Support, the most robust option from Nimble Evolution to ensure flawless tool operation, continuous improvement, and professional development for those involved in tool operation/administration.
  • Licensing Cost Optimization: Total costs with salaries, taxes, and other labor expenses in Brazil can be quite burdensome for some companies compared to the output delivered by an in-house client team or, worse, by professionals who may lack the dedication required for excellent delivery.

On the other hand, MYDAS® represents a significantly high return on investment – by combining consultancy, training, and support for your organization – compared to other hiring alternatives.

Interested in learning more about MYDAS® and discovering the possibilities of the Atlassian universe? Get in touch or email us at